Introduction to How to Select a Dating Service

You may have heard the old song that goes "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody" and "If I could meet `em I could get `em, but as yet I haven't met `em" and thought gee, that sounds just like me, an intelligent, attractive, fun to be with single guy who just can't seem to find that perfect hot & sexy beautiful soul mate, and it's getting more and more difficult just to meet any potential single female candidates for some love, sex, and romance.

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At some point you may consider joining a dating service to improve your love and sex life. It's possible you may meet that perfect someone this way, but it's much more likely you will wind up bitterly disappointed with the dating service, and have only a large dent in your wallet to show for it and not much romance with the ladies. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the collective experiences, comments, and suggestions of over one-hundred people who have dealt with a dating service, so that you can decide if you want to join one and how best to deal with them so you will not be in for big disappointment and a large monetary loss.

A well-known, large national dating service attempted to recruit me a few months ago. I suspected a lot of their hype and promises were exaggerations. I decided to conduct some research into the dating service industry. I posted messages on local BBS message boards, on-line service forums, and several newsgroups areas on Usenet, asking for experiences and comments about dating services by name and in general. I also captured, but did not participate in, several threads on on-line services concerning dating services. I had known the dating services industry as a whole does not enjoy a very good reputation, but the results I have received and read are surprising. More than ninety-five percent of those that described their experience were dissatisfied with their dating service, and a large majority of those are very upset at the service. Some were (as you will read later) indisputably ripped-off. Most feel they have been ripped-off, or deceived because the service is nothing like what they were led to believe by the representative of the dating service and its advertisements.

Many of those who complained about their dating service stated if they had known what they now know through experience, they would not have joined, or they would have done things a lot differently when they joined. I decided to compile the information I have collected into this guide for singles who are considering joining a dating service.

DISCLAIMER: To some of you, this guide may seem excessively critical of the dating service industry, but it has earned for itself a really poor reputation. I am sure there are some very good dating services available. If you are associated with one, then you should be applauded. Some services are mentioned by name in this guide. Comments about them, good and bad, are based on the statements of people who are or have been members of those services, and should not necessarily be taken as fact. It is also possible some of the national services, while bad in some areas, may be good in others. If you are associated with a dating service with a bad reputation and are attempting to change it for the better, it is really very easy. During the recruitment process, don't tell prospective members so many half and stretched truths, don't make promises you cannot or have no intentions of keeping, and when someone does join, treat them with dignity, fairness, and honesty, even when they have problems and complaints.

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