After You Join a Dating Service

Now that you have joined a dating service, you may be thinking it's time to start planning your schedule so you will have time to meet all those hot & sexy beautiful single women from the dating service. If you have read all of the topics in this guide, you already know this is an unrealistic expectation. By far, the largest complaint about dating services was how much money was spent to meet a few single women who were nothing like you expected or wanted to meet. It is very unlikely there will be hundreds or thousands of single women in the service that are just dying to meet you like the representative of the dating service wanted you believe when he or she persuaded you to join.

If you joined a dating service that allows you to make your own selection of members from photos and videos, you are likely to meet only a few single women. There is an explanation and it is based, like all other statements in this guide, on the comments of members of dating services I have collected.

Assume in a period of one year of membership, you find twelve female members you might be interested in meeting and dating. Out of twelve, it's probable two you select will no longer be participating in the program and will never see or react to your request for a response. Of the remaining ten, six will return a negative response after viewing your photo and video tape. Of the four left, there will be three who will mutually agree to meet you. Now assume five other members request a response from you. Of those, you find two appealing enough to return a positive response. If you meet these two women as well as the three women who responded positively to you, then that makes five women you will meet during that year.

Your prospects are not much better if you joined a service that provides you with matches based on profiles. The service may have guaranteed you a certain number of contacts and they may or may not honor this guarantee. Assume though they guaranteed you twenty contacts during a one year period and they do honor that promise. Of the twenty contacts you will receive, you can figure there will be four you attempt to contact and find the phone number supplied to you is no longer valid. Of the sixteen left, two will tell you they are romantically involved right now with someone and are not interested in meeting you. Two of the fourteen remaining will tell you they are so disgusted with the dating service, they don't want to meet anyone else matched to them. Of the twelve left, you can estimate you will discover through telephone conversations about half will not have enough in common with you to warrant a meeting.

I did not receive enough information about localized dating services that match by intuition to get an idea of how many single females you might expect to meet. The four people that mentioned this type service expressed satisfaction, so a least if the quantity of people met is low, at least the quality is there. Just don't take this as an endorsement of these services. There are bound to be crooks doing business in these type of dating services just like the other types.

Meeting that special woman you've been dreaming about for a relationship through a dating service is just as much hit and miss as any other method of meeting potential mates. The quantity and quality of the female contacts you will make depends on how honest the dating service was about their service, and how willing they will be in working with you to make the service more effective for you. I hope you have learned by now that far too often, the dating service will make grandiose claims to recruit you. After they have your money and signed contract, you are a history item to them. They won't honor their promises and claims, and won't listen to your suggestions and complaints. But, even in a bad service, there is a chance you will meet that special someone eventually.

You've already handed over a lot of money for their service, so you might as well stick with it. You will also be doing the other members a favor by remaining active in the service. If you are so frustrated and angry with the service you just cannot tolerate continuing to participate, then you may feel deceived and ripped off. You won't be alone in that feeling.

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