Words of wisdom on using dating services to meet single women

Summary of This Guide on Dating Services:

YOU MAY NOT NEED A DATING SERVICE: Other methods are usually less expensive and more productive for meeting, dating, and seducing single women.

CHOOSE A DATING SERVICE WITH A GOOD REPUTATION: Exhaustively research dating services until you do find one with a good reputation and lots of legitimate single women to choose from. The dating service will claim having a great reputation, don't rely on their word only.

DATING SERVICES TO AVOID: Large national chains that offer other single female members by profile and videos.

BEST DATING SERVICES TO CONSIDER: Local dating services that match by "intuition."

DON'T PAY FULL PRICE: Bargain. Rule of thumb is pay no more than one-third the quoted price, especially at the large national chains. Make sure there are no hidden costs to surprise you later.

BE SURE SERVICE IS SUITABLE TO YOU: Find out how many single female members they have that meet your basic requirements, such as male/female ratio, race, age, etc.

SCRUTINIZE THE CONTRACT: Try to get a copy to take home and study and take to an attorney for review. Mark out or rewrite any statements limiting your rights. Get the statements signed by management. Make sure you have any verbal promises written into the contract and signed by management.

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GET IT IN WRITING AND SIGNED BY MANAGEMENT: This can not be over emphasized. Make sure everything they promised and claim, changed in the contract, and the total monetary amount of the service is written and signed by the owner or management. And don't lose any of your copies of the paperwork.

I hope this guide will help single men in choosing and dealing with a dating service. You really have to be careful and don't get ripped off!

P.S. If you do find a good dating service in your area, publicize it! A lot of the local dating services cannot afford the expensive advertising like that of the large national chains. Let everyone know about a good deal, not just the bad ones.

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