Do You Need a Dating Service?

It is important to decide first if you really need to join a dating service to meet qualified single women for love, sex, romance and a possible serious relationship. I received and read many comments from people who reported having had much better success with other methods of meeting qualified potential mates than with dating services.

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Many mentioned personal ads in local newspapers and magazines has been more successful for them for meeting single women. Others mentioned such things as joining local singles' clubs, volunteer organizations where singles donate a lot of their time, church sponsored groups, etc. Still others suggest asking your friends or family to introduce you to someone for a potential relationship. Since dating services tend to be very expensive, you may wish to try these suggestions.

If after you try, or you have already tried, these suggestions, and nothing else has worked to meet, date, romance, and seduce single women then maybe a dating service should be considered. You can not be too careful in selecting and dealing with these services. Please read and understand this information in this guide book before you start your search for a service.

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