Do You Still Want to Join a Dating Service?

Now that you know the choices, the question still remains, do you want to join a dating service to meet, date, romance, and seduce single women? If you are still considering doing so, there are a few other things to keep in mind:

You will find that dating services attempt to recruit female members from a wide area around their office. If you live in the fringes or outside the metro area where their office is located, and if this is a service where you will have to make several long trips a month to their office to choose or respond to other members, make sure you have the time and desire necessary to do so. And whatever type dating service you use, you should realize that the service probably will not have many female members in your area, so you may have to travel long distances to see the single women you decide to meet.

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Keep this always in mind when you start dealing with a dating service. The company representative you are dealing with has only one objective, and that is to persuade you to join the service at the most amount of money he or she can get from you. Far too many dating services, especially the large, well known, heavily advertised ones, have a reputation of making false claims and promises they cannot and do not wish to honor to persuade you to join. It is a sad fact there are businesses that will knowingly and willingly deceive and mistreat their customers and use loopholes in consumer protection laws to release themselves from the responsibilities of their unethical actions. The dating service industry seems to be dominated by such companies, and it is a pity that those services who are honest and caring, and attempt to fulfill their promises to a customer, must be approached with such extreme caution suspicion.

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