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How to Pick Up Girls...

The Book That Started it All...

"How to Pick Up Girls" is the original, authentic, world-famous book on the subject of meeting and picking up single girls for love, sex, and romance with over 3,000,000 copies in print. "How to Pick Up Girls" is the book that was turned into a smash-hit movie seen by 25 million people on ABC television.

Drive Women Wild for Sex with Powerful Pheromone Cologne

This incredible book has helped more than 3,000,000 men do better in the romance department with single girls. And now it's bigger and better than ever, with more opening lines, more interviews with luscious and beautiful single women who tell you in their very own words, exactly what it takes to pick them up.

You Will Learn :

How to make women horny and craving to have an orgasm.
How to make shyness work for you.
How to be a big hit in nightclubs and single's bars.
Single girls favorite places for getting picked up.
Opening lines that never fail to get their attention.
An ingenious foolproof way to meet single women at work, at school, on the street.
How to pick up women using the internet.
Eric Weber's newly revised One Month Practice Plan to score with tons of hot & sexy single women.
How to use a smile to melt a woman, to make her feel warm & sexual toward you.
How to get single girls to pick you up.
The world's greatest pick-up technique for attracting and seducing women.
And much, much more!

Read What Others Say About How to Pick Up Girls:

News about the book How to Pick Up Girls in The New York Times "...tongue-tied guys everywhere learn that even the most gorgeous gals will happily go out with them if only they take a few cues from Eric Weber's now-classic How to Pick Up Girls!" - The New York Times

News about the book How to Pick Up Girls in Rolling Stone Magazine "The first guide to modern seduction theory" - Rolling Stone Magazine

News about the book How to Pick Up Girls in The Los Angeles Times "...the key to a successful pick-up..." - Los Angeles Times

"I'll tell you, I surprised the hell out of myself. By following the guidelines set forth in the book, I not only picked up a girl, but I picked up 2 girls in the same nightclub on the same night. Granted the circumstances were a bit unusual, but I never would have picked up either one of them had I not read your book earlier that day...When I first sent off for the book. I thought the price was a little high. But now I feel that it would be cheap at twice the price. It has been a real "gold mine." - Richard L., San., Bernadino, California.

"It works! I wasn't even halfway through it and I got a girl! Even my brother - who has taken out every girl in the world - said Wow! when he saw her. She and I are quite close already." - A.W., Deerfield, MA

"Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that your book changed my whole damn life. I don't know what kind of accomplishment that is, since I'm only 18 and highly susceptible to change, but just for the record, you really did it." - D. Taylor, Boulder, CO

News about the book How to Pick Up Girls in Hustler Magazine Hustler Magazine - after reviewing all the prominent books on the subject - called it quite simply "...the best..."

News about the book How to Pick Up Girls in Esquire Magazine "...a combination pep talk and battle plan." - Esquire Magazine

Get the Original Book

You don't want a book that promises you success with girls. You want one that delivers. And year in, year out "How to Pick Up Girls" has helped more men pick up and seduce more single girls than any other book in the world. Don't be fooled by any second-rate imitations. Get the original. The Classic.

Think of it this way. A book doesn't sell over 3,000,000 copies by accident. Clever ads can take you only so far. After word of mouth takes over and with over 3,000,000 copies in print, men must be saying some pretty good things about, "How to Pick Up Girls."

Can you become an expert at picking up and seducing hot & sexy single girls? You bet you can! It's as simple as reading the mind-opening best-seller, "How to Pick Up Girls." So don't delay. Order your copy today. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Full One Year Money Back Guarantee!

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