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Dating Tips of the Week on How to Meet,
Attract, and Seduce Single Women

"Dating Tips of Week" May 16, 2005 featuring the latest dating tips for men on how to get more dates, improve your relationships and sex life, experience more love, intimacy, romance and surefire techniques, strategies, and methods on how to successfully score with hot & sexy single women.

How to Score with Young Attractive Women

This week I wanted pass along a great article from one of my subscribers on how to score with young attractive women:

Don, I'm 35 living in Chicago and I'm a Christian. I'm rather liberal and my church isn't aware of my activities. I was on a Christian chat room one evening one day after a date with another woman who e-mailed me a "Dear John" letter. The excuse was that it was her and she got out of a relationship two years ago and she still cares for the guy - the most phony excuse I've ever heard...I just let her go...didn't respond back to her. I'm a rather emotional guy, I was upset, crying a bit, because this (Puerto Rican) Woman was hot. She went back to her country over Christmas for 3 weeks, wrote me e-mails every day and called me on Christmas morning and told me what a wonderful person I was. After the date when she got back, she came up with that excuse.

Well, I was on a Christian chat room as I described above. The subject was for singles and I put out a statement, "I need to speak to a Christian sister (the way we say female friend in the church). One woman responded and asked me what I wanted to talk about. I told her, "I just don't understand women" (This happened by accident...just acting stupid). I really don't understand women sometimes.

Well, I told her about the story above and she told me that she just broke up with a boyfriend who "used her for sex". I asked her, "How did that make you feel" and she responded, "Like crying and I was depressed". She was written a Dear John letter as well; it was a lot nastier than the one I received. Where I was disappointed with a few dates with one, she was really hurting with her situation. I immediately got off the subject and I started going to light subjects -What do you do for a living? What Church do you attend? What volunteer activities are you involved with there? You know some open ended questions (just like in sales where I work)

She responded that she was working a full-time job as well as being in the nursery at church as a part-time job and she didn't like it because she didn't have the freedom to attend church like she wanted. I used a process in sales that we call mirroring (I understand how you must have felt. Perhaps you were looking for a relief person so you could attend church sometimes) and she said that's how she felt...just trapped in that part-time job.

Well, I asked her what she likes to do for fun and she talked about some hobbies, going to movies, dinner - she's not one of these high maintenance women.

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You gain rapport by asking questions. If the questions are more personal, you have to add a beginning to it, for example, do you mind if I ask you something personal or Let me ask you a question...then spring it on - What went wrong with your boyfriend and you? They will rehash the thing. Then you ask, so, what would have been a better way for him to handle things? and she responds...

Then you ask, if you found a man like that would you be interested in seeing him? And she says, "Yea, I really would".

I made my own list of questions that I used as a guideline that I wrote down (she's in a chat room she cant see them). These open-ended questions are put in a certain order to meet the get a girlfriend/lover/wife.......whatever you are looking for you can adjust the wording. Hang around one of your buddies who seem to score often (play pool or darts in a bar full of women). Play that game and keep an eye on your buddy. Observe.

I'm in Chicago, 35 y/o and 50lbs overweight, she's in New Orleans, 23, attractive brunette with curves...we exchanged photos. She took her own money, without argument and flew to Chicago and spent a week at my place and gave me the ride of my life...she didn't care that I was 50lbs overweight. Just by building a rapport with her she gained my trust - I met her needs - loneliness and being horny. Now she's looking for a job up in Chicago and she wants to move in with me! :-)

How a woman is horny is all up in her head and how you build that rapport. Never do anything to undermine that trust (look at other women when you are out eating at a restaurant and she will not see you again). Don't open doors for her and she will never see you again. Don't call out someone else's name while in your sleep or making love to her. Remember to have her talk about herself a lot. She has to do 70% of the talking and you have to ask open-ended questions (such as I've described above).

The woman was also qualified because of the fact that she admitted to me that her boyfriend used her for sex (she is looking for satisfaction and a regular boyfriend/lover/maybe husband).

She may ask you a few questions on the first date, that's ok...there are 2 ways to answer politely:

1. Answer the question outright
2. Some alternative answer.

One of the stumper questions she may ask on the first date (after I talked to her on the net):

1. How many girlfriends or relationships have you had, what went wrong? (She wants to know that you are normal...she doesn't want an outright answer)

You may answer this way - I've had a few relationships, some better than others and they were something of a learning experience. (In other are strong and you are not hurting).

I think open ended questions like some of what I listed are quite powerful if I can get a woman who is actively looking for a job across the country from where she is living only after knowing her for a month. The key is a qualified woman.

Qualified means - Single, not attached...never touch a buddies woman...never touch a married woman...never touch a separated woman (they still be married and lie)...and its ok to date someone who has been divorced for a year.

This one that I met had one sexual encounter with someone from Germany and he wasn't really a boyfriend. Since it wasn't a long-term relationship like marriage, I believe that women (or men) can bounce back quicker from something like that verses a "freshly divorced" person. I've been in both circumstances. I don't endorse or condone one-night stands a few happened to me and that isn't what I was about. I wanted either a long-term live-in-girlfriend or eventually wife and family. Just tweak my wording a little bit if your needs are different and it will work!

P.S. - This article written by Don Diebel (Americas #1 Singles Expert). If you would like more free dating tips on how to successfully meet, date, attract, and seduce single women, please visit his website at:

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