Book cover How to Date Young Women for Men Over 35
"How to Date
Young Women...
For Men Over 35"

Do you want to date young single women? Most older men want to, but most men don't. Why? Just about every guy our age (35-50) feels deep down inside he doesn't have a chance. Or, he's learned, the hard way, what works with women does not work with the younger ones. They're different, too different. But, if you want to change your life, your sex life and social life, keep reading...

Learn how to find, meet, talk with, date and seduce all those young honies you've been fantasizing about. The author, R. Don Steele explains everything you need to know, absolutely nothing has been left out in his hot new ground-breaking book, "How to Date Young Women: For Men Over 35."

Here's What You'll Learn About Young Women
  • Where they are, the ones interested in an older guy. This information will save you from wasting time, money and energy looking in all the wrong places, getting shot down again and again.
  • How to prepare her for seduction. You will learn how to do the right things and say the right things, during conversations and on early dates to lower her resistance and make her want you to seduce her.
  • Courtship principles with young single women - what to say, how to say it, when to say it, what's convincing versus what smells and sounds like a bunch of bull.
  • First dates she jumps at: Suggest one of Steele's 15 early get together's and she snaps it up.
  • Where to find the ones interested in dating you. (Hint: Not in most bars). Steele gives you 23 of his favorite hunting grounds.
  • How to conquer 18-24 yr. olds. 34 explicit, detailed instructions on how to prepare for them: Conversation topics that interest her - car, hair, college, shopping, attitude, music, friends.
  • The Eleven Commandments of Courtship - All young single women, centerfold-aged girls in particular, insist on certain things before taking an older lover. Following these principles in the book guarantees you know when she needs reassurance, when to assert yourself, and when to ease off.
  • And that's only the beginning! This book is crammed full of techniques, strategies, ideas, methods, concepts. Everything it takes to start dating young single women - females who are exciting, alive, interested, energetic, unjaded, sweet, and don't give a shit about women's lib.
  • Believe me when I tell you that these young and hot little honies can be had by older men like yourself. With the help of this book you can turn all your fantasies about making it with young single women into reality.
You Will Also Learn:
  • How to seduce her. Steele's deliberate, calculated strategy starts after the second date when seeds for thought get planted. He tells how to lay down a trail that she must follow.
  • What your home must have and can't have. Careful preparation ensures the rhythm of seduction does not get destroyed.
  • The competition. Understanding who they are, their motives, their methods, from 16 to 65. When and how to compete, so she chooses you.
  • The Ten Commandments of Meeting. Thorough explanations of conversation starter vs. opening lines, how to begin and end first conversations, forbidden topics, and must topics to use in your conversations that are guaranteed to get her interested in you.
  • The 67 taboo articles of clothing that will hurt your chances of attracting young women. Steele gives you advice on how to dress correctly to make a big, lasting impression on her.
  • How and where to approach young single girls - Meet her so you can talk with her long enough to peak her interest.
  • Knowing the right time and the right place prevents the brush off.
Read What Others Say

"Solid, realistic, practical, and entertaining" - Playboy Magazine

"Steele is hardheadedly practical. He's worked out as surefire a method as you'll find for bridging the sexual generation gap" - Michael Perkins, Screw Magazine

"Steele pulls no punches as he explains how to attract the young, from dress codes to actions. The honest approaches and advice are unusually solid and explicit. Everything from sex and the young woman to analyses of her value system and psyche with step-by-step scenarios" - Diane Conovan, The Chicago Tribune

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